There aren’t many resources online for geomancy online, and a Google search for “geomancy” will turn up twenty sites on feng-shui and ley lines for every site on geomancy itself. The following links are


Adula Geomancy site

Part of an extensive site on divination methods, the Adula geomancy page presents interesting interpretations of the geomantic figures.


Astrological Geomancy

A useful article on the basics of geomancy by horary astrologer Anthony Louis, this is a good introduction to the art.


Geomance Editions

A sprawling online collection of texts on the I Ching and geomancy, mostly in French or Latin, but including English versions of Agrippa's On Geomancy and Gerard of Cremona's On Astrological Geomancy. Not the easiest site to use, unfortunately.


Geomantic Campus

A moderated public email group (apparently the only one on the net) for students and practitioners of geomantic divination, Geomantic Campus features lively but polite discussions on geomancy and analysis of geomantic charts.


Geomancy Oracle

This site features an online geomancy program that casts geomantic charts, and provides basic information on the geomantic figures and their interpretation.


Handbook of Geomancy

Aleister Crowley's reworking of the Golden Dawn geomancy system, as published in his periodical "The Equinox". Useful mostly as a look at the sort of “look it up in the tables” approach to geomancy that was responsible for making the art the forgotten oracle of the western world.


Medieval Geomancy

A fine site on medieval geomancy created by Elizabeth Bennett, a scholar of medieval history at Princeton. Includes instructions for casting a geomantic chart, a bibliography of sources, a simple geomancy program, and Cornelius Agrippa's classic On Geomancy.


Mid-Atlantic Geomancy

For those who are looking for the "other geomancy" - ley lines, feng shui, and dowsing - a great site with information on every aspect of earth mysteries studies and plenty of links to other resources.


Renaissance Astrology

This excellent site on astrology and magic created by traditional astrologer Christopher Warnock offers several of the most important Renaissance geomantic texts on CD, and his geomancy computer program, Geomanticon, is in beta testing right now and will be available for sale shortly.


Wim van Binsbergen's Geomancy Essays

Dutch anthropologist Wim van Binsbergen has done extensive research into geomancy and related African systems of divination, and some of his papers on the subject are available at this site. Well worth reading.


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