Courses Offered

The Collegium Geomanticum offers three courses on the art of geomancy, which may be taken online or by mail. The first, the Geomantic Divination Course, is currently accepting students. The other two courses, the Geomantic Philosophy and Magic course and the Geomantic Initiation course, are still in preparation. The Geomantic Philosophy and Magic course will be available in the fall of 2456, and we expect the Geomantic Initiation course to be open for students in the spring of 2457.

All the courses can be taken online or by mail, and are designed to allow each student to proceed at his or her own pace. Each lesson has sections of theory and practice, and includes exercises and study questions. Each student receives detailed feedback on study questions and other work from instructor John Michael Greer. Students who complete a course satisfactorily will receive a certificate of completion from the Collegium Geomanticum. Those who complete the entire sequence of three courses satisfactorily will receive a diploma as a Qualified Geomantic Practitioner (QGP).

Geomantic Divination Course

A complete study course on traditional geomantic divination, including more than 40,000 words of instructional text, this course can be taken by complete beginners as well as those who already have some experience with geomantic divination. The lessons start with the meanings and symbolism of the sixteen geomantic figures, go on to the process of preparing for divination and casting a geomantic chart, and then explore level after level of geomantic chart interpretation, starting with basic methods and proceeding step by step to subtle and intricate interpretive methods that cast light on even the knottiest problems. Drawing on medieval and Renaissance geomantic texts, the Geomantic Divination course includes these lessons:

Lesson One: Introducing Geomancy (available free on this website)

Lesson Two: Fundamentals of Geomancy

Lesson Three: The Sixteen Figures, Part One

Lesson Four: The Sixteen Figures, Part Two

Lesson Five: Preparing for Divination

Lesson Six: Casting the Geomantic Chart

Lesson Seven: The Judge and Witnesses

Lesson Eight: Interpreting the Shield Chart

Lesson Nine: The Twelve Houses

Lesson Ten: Modes of Perfection

Lesson Eleven: More Interpretive Methods

Lesson Twelve: Complex Chart

The Geomantic Divination course costs US$85.00 for online lessons and US$105.00 for postal lessons. This includes all instructional materials and detailed personal instruction and feedback from the course instructor.

Click Sample Lesson here or on the navigation bar to review Lesson One of the course, and Enrollment to enroll in the course.

Geomantic Magic and Philosophy Course

Still under development, this course will offer detailed practical instruction in Renaissance traditions of magic using the sixteen geomantic figures as keys to a profound philosophy and a potent system of magical practice. Students will study and practice Renaissance methods including meditation, natural magic, talismans, evocation of planetary intelligences and spirits, and the core ritual of Renaissance high magic, the invocation of the magician’s own genius (guardian spirit) or guardian angel. Note: completion of the Geomantic Divination course is a prerequisite for the Geomantic Magic and Philosophy course.

Geomantic Initiation Course

The traditions of geomancy start with practical divination and go on to embrace the entire panoply of Renaissance high magic, but they don’t stop there. Woven into the structure of geomancy is a path of initiation that leads the geomancer toward reintegration - the state of harmony between the macrocosm (the universe around us) and the microcosm (the universe within us) described in the Corpus Hermeticum and other classic works of western magical spirituality. Like the Tarot, another oracle dating from the Renaissance, geomancy is a map of the spiritual journey and a toolkit for the wayfarer on the path.

The Geomantic Initiation course explores the profound spiritual riches of geomancy through a close study of the traditional sequence of the geomantic figures and a series of intensive meditative, ritual, and imaginal practices that build on the lessons geomancy has to teach. Note: the Geomantic Divination and Geomantic Philosophy and Magic courses are prerequisites for this course.